Friday, 18 November 2011

Riding Everest – Yippee & Gutted!!

18th Nov 2011 – Volume 6

In This Issue:
·        New **Everest Record**:
·        Beat Annie’s record:
·        Bad Weather:

Hi Folks


Well we are back from a very, very, very cold Everest.

I know you’re all dying to know:

I beat Annie’s record by 54 metres getting to 5359m --- YIPEEEEEE.

Which make me (Tamsin) a New Everest Record Holder

However some bad news:

We were told last night that with the bad weather we’d never make it past the glacier with our small team, and the bikes needed to a LOT better.

Which meant Craig’s record attempt wasn’t possible this time.

He is totally gutted, but it was hard enough getting to where we did.

I thought our hands were going to fall off; it was so cold. We also found it very hard to breathe which was very scary.

Every time we got stuck we were gasping for air it was Horrible!!

We are really glad to be back in Rongbuk Monastery in front of nice warming log fire.

So I set a new **Everest Record** but we didn’t get to set a new “World Record” maybe next time!!!!!!

Tams & Craig X

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  1. Love you two, incredibly inspiring.That monastery fire sounds excellent. Look after your asses. Better to fight and run away, live to try another day x x x